KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

When you don’t have your glasses on: 🤓

1 You have to get a 75” TV because you can’t see anything smaller.
2 If you go into the ocean for a little swim, you have no clue where your blanket is when you come out. Hopefully your people will flag you down.
3 When you wake up in the morning you can’t see the clock without squinting or tugging at the corners of your eyes.
4 Your world is out of focus and distorted. You feel like you are stuck in a funhouse.
5 Sometimes you see double and that’s before drinking.
6 You can’t see street signs until you are on top of them or when you pass them. It takes a lot longer to navigate.
7 If something is in your eye, you can’t get it out because you can’t see without glasses. It’s a catch 22.
8 You can’t see the scale without taking a picture of it and zooming in.
9 You think you recognize people from across the room and wave enthusiastically, only to find out it is a stranger.
10 You get mad when you can’t get into your car then eventually realize it’s not yours.

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