KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

When you have frizzy hair:

1 A rubberband is worn on your wrist like a bracelet in case your hair needs emergency intervention.
2 You invest in conditioner, frizz cream, hot oil and any other experimental treatments that may work.
3 Don’t get your hair cut too short or it will puff up like a poodle.
4 Don’t straighten your hair if you are going to the beach. It is a no win battle.
5 There is no way you can wake up and run out the door. Your hair looks like medusa.
6 Brushing your hair is a no no. It will look like a rat’s nest if you do.
7 You can’t have men sleep over for fear that you would never see them again if they saw your bedhead.
8 Your bangs are a weather forecaster and look like the Monopoly man’s mustache if rain is on the way.
9 Traveling with the car windows down is a nightmare because your hair transforms into a chia pet.
10 Check the weather before doing your hair. If it’s going to be humid or rainy, surrender immediately.

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