KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

When you are sick:

1 You cough so hard, that it feels like you did 100 sit-ups
2 Your nose is stuffed so you blow it and nothing happens. You blow harder and your ear blows out and starts ringing.
3 You keep waiting to take your meds again because you feel like death. Four more hours to go.
4 Your room is filling up with dirty tissues. Pretty soon your husband won’t be able to find you.
5 Every time you try to eat, the food tastes like it went bad.
6 You see yourself in the mirror and look like something that came out of a horror movie.
7 You coughed so much that your voice sounds horrific.
8 Don’t bother looking up your symptoms. You are dead.
9 You start to wonder if alcohol will work better since the meds aren’t doing the trick.
10 You are so sick that Alexa is ignoring you so she doesn’t get sick.

#sick #Top10 #funny #blog

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