KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

You know you hate going to the dentist when:

1 You work at an oral surgeon’s office and are terrified to fall asleep for fear of waking up in the chair.
2 You look at the tools on the tray in the room, and they remind you of torture scenes in movies.
3 You hear someone moan or cry out in another room, and your first thought is to get the hell out of there as fast as possible.
4 You hear the drill, and your teeth instantly hurt.
5 The dentist insists on asking you questions when working on your mouth. How can you hold a conversation with tools and hands in your mouth?
6 Even better, you are trying to answer when they tell you to rinse out. The problem is, you have a bloody string of spit hanging from your lips that won’t go away.
7 The dentist comes at you with a big needle, and you can’t help but wonder if you just took your last breath.
8 The dentist puts a nitrous mask over your nose and mouth, and you hope you don’t wake up in the trunk of your kidnapper’s car.
9 You feel like you went to first base with someone you never wanted to get to know better.
10 You feel like you are being held prisoner with your mouth open forever. The longer you sit, the more you hate the dentist. You find yourself getting agitated and want to yell, “Hurry up already!”

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