KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

An Unpredictable Bladder:

1 You drink 8 ounces and pee out 32.
2 You constantly get the urge that you better go and when you do, it is 2 drops.
3 You cough or sneeze and it’s all over. Time to carry extra underwear.
4 You can’t walk by fountains anymore. They instantly make you have to go.
5 You get stuck in traffic and are in panic mode because you didn’t allow for extra time. Two hours is your limit.
6 You have to pee before you make your way home from work and your commute is only 30 minutes.
7 Peeing is now part of your sleep routine. You can’t get more than four hours of sleep without a bathroom break.
8 You try holding it for as long as possible. Once you give in, you have to go ten more times.
9 When you are pregnant, your baby kicks and you have to run for the bathroom.
10 You have to live in Florida because cold weather makes you pee.

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