KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

When you try and deny summer is over:

1 You plan to take a nice walk after dinner and it’s pitch black outside.
2 You wear shorts, a tee shirt, and flip flops and insist you aren’t cold even though your teeth are chattering.
3 You hang out on the beach like a die hard just to prove it’s still beach weather.
4 You stroll on the boardwalk and are mad that all the stores are closed when you are a paying customer.
5 You eat ice cream and have to put a jacket on after because it made you cold.
6 You cruise around with your jeep top down and the heat on.
7 You argue that summer isn’t over as long as there are still seagulls hanging out.
8 You continue to have barbecues and make your guests stay outside.
9 You cut the grass even though it stopped growing weeks ago.
10 You sit on a pool float with a frozen cocktail. Keep those drinks 🍹 coming.

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