KC Avalon’s Top 10 Funny Blog

Annoying people on a plane:
1 The chatterbox that doesn’t stop talking no matter how many hints you give.
2 The person who yells out loud with turbulence because they are convinced they are going to die. Why didn’t you take the bus?
3 The person who sneezes and coughs all over you. Now they are blowing their nose. The question isn’t whether you will get sick but when.
4 The person who marinates in perfume and it is the worst brand. You have an instant headache.
5 The person who keeps going to the bathroom and makes you get up and down like a jack in the box. Turns out you didn’t need to buy a seat.
6 The person next to you who takes up their seat and half of yours. Hey space invader, get lost.
7 The person who reclines the entire flight and should have just sat in your lap.
8 The hog who steals your overhead bin when they are sitting nowhere near it.
9 Your neighbor forgetting to shower when the last thing you want to smell is au naturale
10 A rude person watching a movie or playing video games without ear buds.

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