KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog-

The cons of safety a (it might all be true but it saves your life)

1 Safety goggles – Sure nothing will fly in your eye but they fog up and you can’t see the saw and lose a hand and can’t wave to your buddies.
2 Safety harness – It restricts your movement and you feel like a puppet. You decide to ditch the heavy gear and defy gravity. After all you are invincible.
3 Surgical mask – The fibers tickle your nose, it makes you claustrophobic, you have trouble breathing, and If you sneeze it’s a mess.
4 Jeans in carpentry- They are too hot in the summer, uncomfortable, and are effective birth control since they strangle the family jewels.
5 earplugs – They irritate your ear canal and push your ear wax to your brain.
6 hard hats – They irritate your forehead, make you go bald and fall off when you bend over.
7 gloves – You get sweaty glove hands. It feels like you lost five pounds.
8 steel toe boots – They cut into your piggies unless you wear three pairs of socks, feel like cement blocks on your feet, and you try to walk less since each step causes you pain.
9 athletic cup – It chafes against your legs and is a plastic sweat box.
10 mouthguard – It cuts up your gums, falls out of your mouth if you are a mouth breather, and pushes your lips out.

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