KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Why it’s better to text someone than have a conversation:

1 You don’t have to wait until after work to ask a question or make plans. 🤫 don’t tell the boss.
2 You don’t have to talk for an hour before getting to the real point of your call.
3 You can finish arguing by text so that you can makeup in person.
4 Nosey people around you can’t eavesdrop on your conversation. Maybe they will gossip less.
5 You don’t have to debate about what was said. Just pull up the text. Hard to say, it wasn’t me.
6 If you are tired and resting you can have a conversation at your own pace instead of missing something on TV. You can have it all.
7 It’s easier to express yourself when you have time to think.
8 It’s easier to look back on meeting times and places than trying to recall a conversation. It’s hard to trust your memory.
9 Sometimes face to face chats are nerve wracking especially when the person you are dealing with is a spaz.
10 You can let someone know you are thinking of them instead of calling and hanging up in 30 seconds. Seems rude.

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