KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

The ideal man:

1 Someone who pays attention to you. You shouldn’t have to smack the phone out of their hand.
2 Someone who compliments your looks without giving unwanted advice on your exercise, eating habits, or fashion sense. If you open your mouth, make it worthwhile.
3 Someone who doesn’t need mothering. We want a partner in crime not an overgrown child who needs to be taken care of and whines.
4 Someone who shares the same interests. If you are a sports fanatic and your partner has no interest, it’s like talking to someone who speaks a foreign language.
5 Someone with a little ambition. A couch potato isn’t a job.
6 Someone with good manners. If you can’t treat strangers nice, you need to show yourself the door.
7 Someone with a sense of humor. It’s okay to be serious but bust a smile once in a while and be willing to die laughing.
8 Someone who has some looks and brains. Looks are great but you need to be able to use your noodle.
9 Someone willing to put in the work. Relationships are hard and walking away is too easy. Step up to the plate and finish what you started.
10 Someone who doesn’t play games. Board games are fun but head games are exhausting. No time to stroke that ego.

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