KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog-

Trying to hide a pimple:

1 You tried to pick it and now it looks like an angry volcano.
2 You put concealer on it but now it is more noticeable.
3 You put ice on it. The zit is still there but your face is numb.
4 You put a dab of toothpaste on it. Now you have fresh breath and a minty face.
5 You mixed a natural home remedy with garlic cloves and lemon. Now you have a rash on your face in addition to the pimple you started with.
6 You tried witch hazel but now you are casting spells and the pimple moved to the tip of your nose.
7 You used super glue instead of Elmer’s to remove the pimple. Oops, you just lost a layer of skin and look sunburnt.
8 Your pimple on your forehead is so big it looks like a cyclops. It is getting worse so you tie on a headband to cover that sucker up.
9 Nothing is working so strap a mask on and call it a day.
10 Color it black and call it a beauty mark.

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