KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

When a friend owes you money:

1 They develop a case of amnesia and forget to pay you back.
2 They think you have more money than them and you can afford it.
3 They come up with excuses of being in a tight situation, yet they drive a new car, regularly go to bars, and buy lunch out.
4 They get mad when you bring it up and stop talking to you. Good one!
5 They avoid you like the plague. If you don’t exist, they don’t have to pay it back.
6 They tell you that they paid you already. They laugh at you for having a bad memory when you know they are outright lying.
7 They tell you next time, because they don’t carry cash. Next time turns into next year and then never.
8 They try and say that they never borrowed money from you. You have them mixed up with someone else.
9 They get all indignant and write IOU on a bar napkin. How about you keep buying me drinks on your credit card until I am paid in full.
10 Do you mind coming with me to the police department? Why? I need to file a report since you stole from me.

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