KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

You know you are the party pooper when:

1 You fall asleep and everyone is staring at you like you are crazy when you finally open your eyes.
2 You are so late to the surprise party that the guests think you are the guest of honor. They yell surprise and then the real guest of honor shows up. What a mess!
3 You are talking about depressing topics such as every ailment that you are experiencing instead of having fun. Everyone is trying to get away from you.
4 You are the first one to leave and you didn’t stay long enough to even say you went to a party. Stay home next time.
5 You were assigned one of the main dishes and forgot all about it. Now everyone has to starve.
6 You brought kids to an adult party. Tsk tsk.
7 You keep telling jokes that aren’t funny and annoying everyone around you.
8 You get sloppy drunk and are standing nose to nose with people when talking. Yo buddy, go drink some mouthwash.
9 You monopolize the conversation and drone on and on which wouldn’t be a problem if you were interesting.
10 You keep trying to interrupt people who are in deep conversation and you are clearly unwanted. Take a hint and go far far away. Bye!

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