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Uncomfortable moments for a woman:

1 When your GYN is examining you and holding a full conversation at the same time.
2 When your GYN keeps telling you to scootch down, and you are afraid you are going to land on his nose.
3 When you go for a mammogram and they tell you to hold your breath. “Lady, I can’t even breathe.”
4 When your breasts are smaller and the technician keeps playing with them like silly putty to get them on the tray.
5 When they tell you to push when you are in labor, and you have no idea what you are doing. You fart instead.
6 When you have to drink 32 ounces of water 1 hour before your ultrasound test. You feel like you are drowning while trying to drink that much, and then you have to pee so bad. Sometimes they tell you to go to the restroom and let a little out. Hard to do when you are about to bust. There is no stopping a flood.
7 When your GYN enters your back door. “Whoa there buddy. That door is off limits.”
8 When your GYN does a breast exam, and it feels like he is kneading pizza dough. Make it stop!
9 When you are told to undress and put a paper gown on. You get undressed in less than a minute so that you don’t get caught naked. There was no need to rush, because you sit there cold and waiting for the doctor for a long time.
10 When you go to the ER as a teenager for pain that you think is appendicitis, only to find out that it is just ovulation. (true story by the way) Ummm, what is my ovary the size of a watermelon!!

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