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When people lie on a first date:

1 He lies about his salary to impress her. He says he makes 3 figures a week. Well, $400 is 3 figures.
2 She tells him he is so funny even though she really doesn’t get his jokes at all. She lets out a fake laugh that is so loud because she really wants to cry.
3 He says he has a place of his own but neglects to say he has 3 other roommates. His room is his own.
4 She says she is fine splitting the check when he asks. Honey, you will never see her again. You can’t open that wallet for a first date? C’ya.
5 He makes his last breakup seem mutual and embellishes a bit so that you don’t think any less of him. He is looking to impress you instead of telling you his stalking habits after the breakup.
6 She doesn’t tell you about her child, because it’s a little detail that she can surprise you with some other time.
7 He tells you how busy he is all the time because you wouldn’t ask for a second date if you knew that he was a couch potato who preferred to stay home.
8 She says that she runs when he asks about working out. Truth is, she runs around, but not to the gym.
9 He says he loves romantic comedies because he knows you will think he is awesome. Hopefully, you will forget if the relationship lasts.
10 She says she isn’t much of a drinker but that tonight is a special occasion. She can really knock them back because she is a boozehound.

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