KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blogs

Money talks, especially when it says c’ya later:

1 You try to be mindful when going out to dinner. You order the special, which ends up being the most expensive thing on the menu. Ripoff!
2 You get some extra cash but the house finds out about it and wants it’s fair share.
3 You keep telling Alexa to order things for you. They are inexpensive but add up quicker than you can count the money.
4 Your cable company charges so much that you need to take out a mortgage to pay for it.
5 You buy your coffee every day. It’s not a magic trick. You can make your own just as good.
6 Your car guy is aware that you don’t know diddly squat about cars. He talks you into a whole bunch of extra maintenance that you don’t need.
7 You are on vacation, therefore you are entitled to anything you want. You do know that you are getting billed for all of those luxuries later?
8 You get a cleaning service and clean up before they come. Why?
9 You pay for bottled water 💧 that comes from questionable water sources. You are better off taking your chance with spigot water.
10 You pay for warranties that you will never use or never cover what breaks. Let it ride. That way you don’t have to hear, “Your warranty doesn’t cover that. It would have been covered under the premium warranty.” Too bad sucker.

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