KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

men and remote controls:

1 You never get to finish a show because he keeps channel surfing every commercial. Maybe he thinks he will gain more knowledge the more shows he watches.
2 He shouldn’t have too much luxury since we were the remote controls when we were kids. Our parents just yelled out the channel they wanted us to turn on.
3 He keeps rewinding sports when he doesn’t agree with the referee. He proves his point by watching it over and over.
4 Who made him the king of the remote? He might not play video games, but his thumbs twitch when he sees a remote. It makes him powerful.
5 He loves slow motion and every good sports play has to be watched again and then in slo mo.
6 Give him a recliner and a remote and he is a man possessed. He forgets there is anyone else in the room.
7 You have to negotiate to get the remote away from him. His fingers have to be pried off.
8 He gets a feeling of accomplishment watching the dvr and zapping all of the commercials. He is like a superhero saving all kinds of time.
9 With the voice app he gets to boss around the remote just like poor Alexa.
10 He flies into a panic when he can’t find his remote. It’s like telling him that someone drank all of his beer.

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