KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Things that spoil a nice shower:
1 Someone flushes the toilet in the house after you clearly announced that you were taking a shower. You lost a layer of skin. Two can play that game my friend.
2 One of the kids wakes up and comes looking for you. “Mommy are you in here?” You are trying to hide in the shower hoping they will go away.
3 Your significant other bursts into your cone of silence to do a number two. The toilet is right next to the shower. You almost smash the glass trying to evacuate the area as quickly as possible.
4 You forgot a towel and you are going to freeze 🥶 trying to get out. You extend your shower as long as possible and then have to man up and get out. 1,2 wait wait 1,2, 2.5, 2.75,3!!! Go Go Go
5 You are having a nice relaxing shower and someone keeps knocking on the door telling you to hurry up because they need a shower 🚿.
6 You shave your leg and knick yourself. You look down and the pool of water looks like a murder scene. My leg 🦵!
7 Your contact falls out and your vision is blurry. You are crawling on all fours to find it before it washes down the drain.
8 You get shampoo in your eye and it feels like your eyeball is floating in hot sauce. You try to flush it with water but don’t like anything in your eye, so you have to pry it open.
9 The soap bar slides off the holder and nails you on the big toe. Yowww!
10 The soap makes the shower floor so slippery you are suddenly ice 🧊 skating.

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