KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

exercising at home:

1 Your dog thinks you are playing when doing floor exercises and joins in on the fun.
2 Your family doesn’t want to leave you alone and thinks you should multitask while exercising
3 There is no separate workout space and you don’t have a large enough area. You extend your leg and there goes a lamp.
4 You get carried away by trying to do a double workout and can’t move for a few days. You never go back to your workout.
5 You don’t drink enough water when exercising and slurp soda or ice tea instead.
6 Doing as many reps or more than the person on tv to prove you are in great shape or better than them.
7 Pushing your body because you need to punish it for eating too much.
8 Walking away because you hate a certain exercise and can’t do it. Not doing it!!
9 Checking your phone while exercising and focusing on the wrong thing.
10 You jog in the house and get hurt running into furniture because you were too busy watching tv.

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