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Disadvantages of working from home:

1 There is no one to talk to, so you need to talk out loud to yourself or to the pets.
2 You are distracted away from your work too easily and find yourself watching tv and doing chores.
3 You don’t have a home office so your couch is your new desk.
4 Your wifi is trash so instead of working 9 to 5, you work until bedtime.
5 Your kid is home sick and you have no sitter. The workday is a nightmare with the constant interruptions.
6 You miss face to face collaboration so much that you run outside to bounce ideas off of the mailman or anyone on the street who will listen.
7 Pajamas are your new work uniform since there is no need to get dressed anymore.

  1. Your coworkers think you are fooling around instead of working. They assume you get up at noon, run errands, then work a couple hours.
    9 Everyone is home because of the pandemic. Your first job is to homeschool the kids. Your work from home happens before they wake up and after they go to sleep. You are a walking zombie.
    10 Your dog doesn’t understand the whole work at home concept. If you are home then they want to go outside and play. If that isn’t enough they want to sit with you all day too. Your new personal assistant doesn’t work.

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