KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

When you are bad at lying:

1 You tell on yourself five seconds into the lie. You just can’t do it.
2 Your poker face is so bad that everyone folds when you have a good hand. How are you supposed to make any money?
3 Your voice goes high at the part where you are lying. Sounds like you sucked on some helium.
4 You can’t make eye contact with the person you are lying to. Instead you look up at the sky as if you are begging God for forgiveness.
5 You are so nervous you take a drink but it’s like truth serum. There’s no way you can lie now.
6 You are sweating profusely because lying makes you uncomfortable. You are saved only because the person you are talking to thinks you are sick and allows you to excuse yourself.
7 You are stumbling over your words and can’t stop stuttering. It is very obvious that you are lying.
8 Your hands won’t stay still and are swinging all over the place.
9 You told the lie but didn’t count on questions being asked. Help!! Somebody. Anybody?
10 You are talking so fast to get it over with but the person didn’t understand a word that came out of your trap. Quick. Run away!

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