KC Avalon’s Top 10 Blog-

Inconvenient time to wear heels:

1 Taking a walk on the boardwalk. Don’t step between the planks or you might get stuck.
2 Climbing all the way to the top bleacher at a sports event. You never knew looking cute could be so dangerous.
3 At the cemetery when you have to walk across the grass. Your heels turn into aerators.
4 When you meet a friend to find out that she planned something requiring a lot of walking. Your tootsies are screaming in protest already.
5 When you have to run after the bus since it just pulled away. You pray that you don’t do a face plant.
6 To the museum where they have slippery marble floors. Suddenly it feels like you are on ice.
7 Crossing city streets where you misjudge the curb and turn your ankles inside out.
8 On an escalator where there are too many moving parts. You are heading for a disaster.
9 Walking downhill where balance isn’t on your side. You have a better chance of tumbling to the bottom. Whoopsie Daisy.
10 On a boat where it is the equivalent of wearing roller skates in a fun house. 🤪

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