KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

boating blunders:

1 Going out without checking the weather. The sky gets dark and a storm moves in. Looks like you might be meeting the grim reaper.
2 Stepping from the dock to the boat without securing the line. Oh boy you are going to have to make a split decision 😂 Take a swim or pull a groin.
3 Coming in hot while docking the boat. Excuse me you do realize that you have no brakes.
4 Backing up too far at the boat ramp and not putting the parking brake on. Your truck is now underwater and lucky you, bystanders are documenting the event on their cell phones.
5 Standing up on the boat when you should be sitting. Don’t be surprised if your turn into a pinball bouncing off the bumpers. That’s gonna leave a bruise.
6 Navigating on the wrong side of the buoys. This will guarantee you a trip to the bar. The sand bar.
7 Flying through another boat’s wake like you are jumping a ramp. You may want to count your passengers when you land
8 Taking your pontoon into the rough ocean trying to hang with the big boys. You might be hanging off the side of you boat once the waves start boarding.
9 Forgetting to put your drain plug in and wondering where all of the water is coming from. Grab a bucket and start baling.
10 Running out of gas ⛽️. Start swimming 🏊 Bet you won’t make that mistake again.

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