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Signs you drank too much:
1 Telling everyone, including strangers, how much you love them because you need them to know.
2 Waking up in a strange bed and not knowing if it was voluntary or if you were kidnapped.
3 Dancing as if you are a pro but the crowd staring back at you has a different opinion
4 Becoming super confident and start picking fights with people for the fun of it
5 Becoming very opinionated and feel the need to share your thoughts with anyone who makes eye contact with you.
6 Talking and laughing super loud, because drinking somehow made you hard of hearing.
7 Do anything to prove you’re not drunk because you want to drive home
8 Tripping over things, but it is never your fault. Someone is trying to mess with you.
9 Blacking out with no recollection of your night. You may be surprised when your friends are mad at you but you can’t remember a thing.
10 Have no recollection of calling your exes to tell them everything that ever annoyed you about them after they shut down your hook up attempt
Bonus – Sending random texts on impulse and saying whatever you want. Sounded brilliant at the time.

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