KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog


1 You put your grill under some trees for shade but it sparks and you have a fire 🔥 outside of the grill. Now the fire department is invited.
2 You forgot to check the propane and don’t have a spare. Your guests are so hungry they are gnawing on their arm.
3 You assigned certain dishes to people and they didn’t show up. Now you have burgers without buns, no paper plates to put the food on and no beer.
4 You were too busy walking around talking to guests instead of grilling. Good job! Now you have hockey pucks for your guests.
5 You are asked to make your famous potato salad. You decide to get cutesy by adding something extra. Everyone is gagging on your new invention.
6 You put too much chlorine in the pool and all party guests go home with bloodshot eyes 👀.
7 You rent the biggest water slide inflatable in your backyard for the kids. Now all of the drunk adults are taking it over.
8 You buy a bunch of fireworks 💥 and set them off in the street. You also set off every car alarm 🚨 on the block.
9 Your party is so much fun, no one wants to leave. You find people asleep in your house the next morning.
10 People try and take the food they brought to your house with them when they leave. Nope. Put it back. This isn’t a cheap date.

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