KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog-

You Might Be Dating A Stripper If:

1 She keeps her money in her G string and never carries a wallet
2 She wears high heels to bed every night
3 She pays for the $150 dinner with all ones
4 She greets your family with lap dances
5 Every time she goes to the ATM, she makes it rain
6 Every time she walks past a fire station, she dances on the pole and is disappointed when no one gives her money
7 You take her to a strip club and when you look over at her, she is naked
8 Somehow your penis always has glitter on it
9 Her first name sounds like a stage name, and she said she doesn’t have a last name
10 She has a cleaning routine that ends when the song is done

#TopTen #Stripper #Funny #blog

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