KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Reasons to hate the grocery store:

1 Something is on sale, but you can’t find it. They should give out treasure maps at the door.
2 The one-way arrows. If you don’t look down at the floor, you don’t even realize they are there. Plus, it is one more reason for people to give you dirty looks.
3 The cashier turns her light off just as you walk up and tells you that she is closed. I seriously want to throw my groceries at her.
4 The aisles are too narrow . There is always one person who parks their cart in the center of the aisle as if they are the only ones in the store.
5 You regret wearing shorts when you step into the cold and freezer aisles. You need special winter gear just to walk down those aisles. Burrrr
6 I keep waiting for the cashier to say, “This trip is free. Congratulations!”
7 Getting the faulty cart really ruins the trip. The wheel just won’t go the right way, and the store is packed. You are stuck with the cart. You either have to move diagonally or backward. Forward is not an option. As if shopping isn’t frustrating enough.
8 The person in front of you debates prices with the cashier on multiple items. This isn’t Let’s Make A Deal. Get your stuff and get out!
9 They ask if I found everything. Smart ass! I sure did. Plus I spent another $100 on a bunch of things that weren’t even on my list.
10 I get my groceries home and some of them say things that they didn’t say in the store. Fat-free, sugar-free, etc. There are extra words on the labels that weren’t there at the store.

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