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Things Bartenders Despise

1 When you only want to order one drink and want to hog the barstool for hours. A barstool is real estate and should be earning money. If you can’t pay up, get off.
2 The bar is slammed and you order a complicated drink. That shows your true colors, and you won’t be making friends.
3 They are not your personal therapist and do not want to hear all about your problems. They are there to make money, not to be bored to death.
4 Holding your cash up in the air to get their attention. Wait your turn showoff.
5 Sending your drink back to make it stronger. That is what you call a double. You get what you pay for. Nothing else is free.
6 Calling them over for an order then making them wait while you ask your friends what they want. Hey, you can’t hold the bartender hostage while you take your good ole time. Do you see everyone else waiting?
7 Stop making a mess of the bar. There is no need to tear off beer labels to keep your hands busy. Put them suckers in your pockets.
8 If you get flagged, don’t fight it. No need to be a know it all. If you knew so much, you wouldn’t be drunk.
9 If you are the only patron left, finish your drink and leave. Your bartender has a life to get back to, instead of waiting for one person to decide when they are good and ready to leave.
10 Grabbing their ass. First of all, what gives you the right? Secondly, they are only being nice to you for a tip. You have no chance.

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