KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Annoying car problems:

1 The gas light comes on when you are already late to work, so you are forced to take your chances.
2 Low tire pressure warning always comes on when it is cold or rainy. I am not getting out of this car!
3 Steering assist is hard to use, because it is impossible to trust a car to play chicken with your life.
4 Your brakes give out, and you have to put your foot thru the floor board to stop 🛑.
5 Your battery is dead. You forgot to shut your lights off last night. The only thing your car has to say is click, click, click.
6 Your wipers are bad, and there is a monsoon while you are driving. You feel like you are underwater and can’t see a darn thing.
7 A rock cracks your windshield, and you see it travel slow motion all the way across. You don’t have $1 to your name.
8 Your power window gets stuck, and it is the middle of winter. Now you have to shiver 🥶 until it is fixed.
9 Your car starts smoking, and you evacuate and run for cover. Stop, drop, and roll baby. You wait a decent amount of time, but the car never blows up.
10 Your power steering goes, and it takes every muscle in your body to make a turn. You decide to go straight until it is repaired.

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