KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Hunting fails:

1 You are looking through the binoculars and the deer 🦌 is behind you shaking his head.
2 You hear a branch rustle and your trigger happy finger shoots until the bullets are gone.
3 You drink too much in your tree stand then fall asleep and fall out of the tree.
4 You see a buck through your scope and your cell phone starts ringing. You forgot to turn off sound and the buck is laughing as he runs away.
5 You can’t shoot to save your life. The deer have nothing to worry about.
6 You didn’t watch the weather and get caught in your tree during a storm.
7 You packed too much gear and have to hike 2 miles. Ouch.
8 Getting lost on your cell phone when bored and missing opportunities.
9 Getting lost in the woods and not being able to find your way back.
10 Placing your tree stand in the wrong place only to have full sun in your face.

#topten #blog #funny #hunting

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