KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Reasons men get dumped:

1 You left the toilet seat up one too many times. She is tired of going for a swim.
2 He is an emotional train wreck. How can he be there for you when he can’t take care of himself.
3 His momma calls the shots. Dealbreaker!! No one invited you into the relationship.
4 His car is an embarrassment. You don’t want your friends to see you driving in it so you go in disguise any time you are riding shotgun.
5 They don’t want to stray outside of their hometown. No way, this girl is made to travel.
6 He is a cheapskate and never offers to pay. You better learn how to open up that wallet.
7 He is way too jealous and insecure. You can’t step out of the house without him thinking you are flirting with someone. Get a clue!
8 You feel like you are babysitting a child instead of dating a man. He acts out when he doesn’t get his way. Yea that doesn’t work on me.
9 It’s his way or the highway. No one taught him the art of compromise. Cya wouldn’t wanna be ya.
10 He tries to control you. Nope. I’m not your puppet.
Bonus: He lies, lies, lies. Hey Pinnochio, you aren’t fooling anyone.

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