KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog- Cultural differences between north and south u.s.

1 The north moves like they are on speed. The south is slow so you might get your breakfast tomorrow morning.
2 You can leave your house doors unlocked in the south. Up north, either all of your stuff will be gone or another family moved in while you were gone.
3 Everyone is friendly in the south. Up north, people are skeptical and rushed. Go away.
4 Down south people open doors for you and very polite. Up north, you better do your part or the door will smack you in the face.
5 Northerners retire in the south but southerners will never retire north. No vacation about it!
6 Southerners take pride in stocking their personal bar at home. Northerners go to bars or pubs to drink.
7 The North loves football and the south loves NASCAR
8 You steal from someone in the north and the police will come. In the south, the owner will chase you down with a shotgun.
9 Up north there is a lot of traffic. Down south, you can drive on a country road and not see anyone for miles.
10 Down south they make dinner. Up north we make reservations.

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