KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Things that happen in an elevator:

1 Some kid presses all of the buttons and you have twenty floors to go.
2 While descending, the elevator jerks and you imagine the cables are going to give out and send you to an early death.
3 A creeper gets on and you wonder if you will make it to the lobby.
4 You sing 🎤 like you are giving a concert and the door opens before you are ready.
5 It is packed but people still insist on trying to get on rather than wait for an empty car. Hopefully, when the doors close, it clips their nose.
6 It is so hot 🥵 in there, it feels like a sauna. You are stripped down to your underwear when the doors open.
7 There is a bug who decided to take a ride. It isn’t little, and you are in a panic. You are screaming when the doors open and people are looking at you as if you are a nut.
8 The elevator gets stuck and all of a sudden you have to pee, are hungry and have no phone service. You are cut off from civilization.
9 Someone says or does something funny and you burst out laughing 😂. You need to get out of there because the person doesn’t appreciate your reaction.
10 People are making out and make you feel uncomfortable. You look 👀 like the stalker 👄.

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