KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

When you see someone in public and don’t recall their name:

1 Hey, what’s up man? Long time no see. How have you been?
2 Let me get your number. Here just type it in my phone. I hope you don’t mind. I forgot my glasses.
3 People always mess up my name. How do you spell yours? Won’t you just curl up and die if they spell J O E. Hehe.
4 Introduce your spouse and hope to god the person introduces themself since you don’t have a clue.
5 What’s your full name including your middle name? Mine is so long. I was just curious. (Plus I have some sort of amnesia. You don’t even look familiar!)
6 So where are you living now? What street? (Pretend that you are looking at a map while frantically typing it in Google to see who you are speaking to.)
7 You look great! What have you been up to? (I’m going to ask 20 questions until I guess your name. Hope you are ready to be quizzed.)
8 Are you on facebook? Let me see some pictures of your family. (Do you mind if I hold your phone so I can see up close? Quick scroll up to see whose account it is.)
9 Ask if they have any kids that go to school with yours. If they do, you can text your kid to find out the scoop.
10 If all else fails, follow them home and look in their mailbox for a piece of mail because it is driving you crazy. You may get arrested but at least you will know their name and can sleep at night.

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