KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Times when you don’t appreciate rain

1 On vacation – You want 7 out of 7 days full of sunshine.
2 Hair – When rain is in the forecast you can either count on frizz or curly mustache bangs.
3 When you get out of your car only to step in a puddle that is more like a lake. Now your feet are cold and wet and you are cranky.
4 Camping – Camping in the rain is so messy. Mud is everywhere and if you touch a spot inside your tent, you now have water there.
5 When you need new wiper blades. You can’t see a darn thing when the blades are bad.
6 When you are having a gathering at your house and it is too small too accommodate everyone. You were really counting on them being outside.
7 When your parking lot at work turns into a lake during a downpour and your office floods as a result. You become a pirate swabbing the deck.
8 Driving to an unfamiliar location. Rain makes it even harder to see where you are going.
9 When you don’t have an umbrella. Now you look like a drowned rat.
10 On your wedding day. You spent too much money and look way too fabulous for rain. If it’s a sign of bad things to come, turn the limo around and head to the airport .

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