KC Avalon’s funny top ten blog

Being put on the spot:

1 “I think I deserve a raise. Would you be willing to give me one?”
2 “Are you doing anything Saturday night? Oh good, would you mind babysitting for me?
3 “ I don’t have anywhere to stay right now. Would it be okay if I crash at your place for a while?”
4 “Do you have $20 I can have? I need to get gas on the way home.”
5 “I love those shoes! I have a wedding to go to next weekend. Can I borrow them?”
6 Asking someone to come up and say a few words about the deceased at a funeral. Now there are 2 people that died!
7 “How much do you weigh? About a buck fifty?”
8 “Are you a real blonde? Does the carpet match the drapes?”
9 “My friend here is single and so are you. Go out with him Saturday. You have nothing to lose.
10 “I have to sell these last ten raffle tickets. I can count on you to buy one right? Or maybe all of them?

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