KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

laundry mishaps

1 You ignore the dry cleaning label on your shirt and throw it in the wash. It shrunk so bad only Barbie can wear it.
2 You overload the washer and it starts jumping around. It sounds like the washer and dryer are in a fistfight.
3 When ironing you end up with more wrinkles than you started with. You turn up the heat but your shirt is permanently attached to the iron.
4 You do the wash but forget about it til the next day when you smell something nasty. That’s when you realize the clothes never made it out of the washer.
5 You didn’t see the red sock that snuck into your load of whites. Now you have a load of pinks. Your boys are not amused.
6 Trusting your kid to do laundry and he puts too much detergent in. When you come home you can’t find the laundry room because it looks like a bubble bath.
7 Leaving a pen in a pants pocket. When it gets to the dryer it explodes and ink is everywhere.
8 Someone forgot to take tissues out of their pocket. Now there are pieces of tissue everywhere.
9 When you are working on multiple loads of laundry and accidentally put the clean clothes in the wash instead of the dirty ones. 🤦🏻‍♀️
10 When you forget the dryer sheet and there is static everywhere.

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