KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

When you sing out loud

1 People’s faces around you look like they sucked on a lemon 🍋. Do I sense some jealousy?
2 Dogs 🐶 start howling. Isn’t that cute? They are trying to impersonate me!
3 Tone deaf people try to sing 🎤 along and ruin the whole thing.
4 Your friend joins in for a duet but is overpowering your voice. Before long you are both screaming to gain control of the song. It’s a disaster.
5 You forget that there is a high note and give it everything you got. You are digging deep and eyebrows raise as every glass breaks in the house.
6 You think the crowd is clapping 👏🏻 because you are sensational. In reality, they are relieved that you are done.
7 Everyone scatters to save their ears from your horrific voice.
8 It sounds more like a seance than a performance. Dead bodies are rising out of the cemetery.
9 People start throwing things at you to help you get a hint not to quit your day job.
10 You think you have the voice of an angel but it’s more like a donkey giving birth.

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