KC Avalon‘s funny top ten blog

When you try to make a dramatic exit:

1 You ruin the whole effect because you have to come back in for your keys or your bag.
2 You want to slam the door hard so that the whole house shakes but the door doesn’t slam.
3 You get your shirt or coat stuck in the door as you exit and it’s as bad as someone giving you a wedgie. Embarrassing. Dork stuck in a door.
4 You trip on your way out and the person laughs at you instead of being scared.
5 You leave the person with one last comment as you exit and they yell What?
6 The door you attempt to exit is actually a closet or a bathroom. It’s hard to say you meant to do that when it’s obvious that you didn’t.
7 You try to speed away but have the car in reverse instead of drive.
8 You pull the door open but it sticks. After putting some muscle into it, the door flys open and smacks you. Now you look like the fool.
9 The dog steals your thunder by running out ahead of you and then you are left chasing the dog.
10 Someone walks into the room before you get to cause a scene and starts talking because they are clueless about what is going on around them.

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