KC Avalon’s funny top ten blog

Insulting Questions People Ask:

1 Table for one? (Does it look like anyone is with me or do you want to fix me up with someone?)
2 When is your baby due? (He was born ten years ago. Thanks for asking!)
3 Who is the guy and who is the girl in your relationship? (I will just let the suspense kill you. You must be the idiot in your relationship!)
4 Are you feeling okay? (Just because I am having a bad hair day doesn’t mean something is wrong with me!)
5 Where did you come from? (Sorry? My mama. Or do you mean my nationality? I’m American and you must be from Uranus)
6 Why aren’t you married yet? (I’m not going to settle like you did. 🤣)
7 Why did you get married if you didn’t want kids? (Wow! Come a little closer so I can knock you out.)
8 Can you afford that? (I can afford to put your house in my basement. Anymore questions?)
9 Who invited you? (No one. I just showed up to annoy you.)
10 When are you going to get a real job? (FYI, this fake job pays mucho dinero💰)

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