KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

When you are in a rush:

1 You get in the car and realize you don’t have your keys. You can’t think straight so they become even more impossible to find.
2 Every traffic light on the way to work turns red just to make you a little later and angrier.
3 A sloth pulls out in front of you and is going the same way you are and you cannot get by them.
4 You have a quick stop to make and there is an outrageously long line. Are they giving something away?!
5 Your kid decides to take his good old time after you explain that you are in a hurry and need his cooperation. Oh I bet if I pulled out five bucks you would move!
6 You get pulled over and the officer takes his good old time.
7 You don’t realize your coffee lid isn’t on tight and spill it all over your clothes. You just finished getting ready. Back upstairs to start your morning over.
8 You miss the last express train of the morning. Now you have to take the local with all the stops.
9 You have one foot out the door and your stomach does a gurgle gurgle. Uh oh. Someone better get to the bathroom.
10 The school calls and tells you that your kid is sick. That just threw a monkey wrench into your day. Time to go back to the huddle and come up with a new game plan.

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