KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Helping dad so you can learn how to do something:

1 You get sent to find a tool you never even heard of then get yelled at for bringing back the wrong thing. Maybe you should have described it better.
2 You become the hold this and hold that person because he needs more than two hands.
3 You get sent across the street to borrow something. Why do you have to go? Now you look unprepared.
4 You are so excited to bang a few nails or cut some wood with the power saw only to find out you won’t be doing that because he doesn’t want you to get hurt when you are already dying of boredom.
5 You ask him questions so you can understand what’s going on and he tells you he doesn’t have time to get into all if that because he is trying to get done.
6 Instead of learning the job at hand you are getting drinks and making sandwiches.
7 What does picking up your trash and cleaning your mess have to do with this?
8 He screws up and blames it on you. I don’t think so.
9 You thought it was going to be fun but you keep getting yelled at. I quit!! Oh yea I’m not getting paid.
10 You try to walk away when you had enough and he holds you hostage because you live there for free and need to earn your place to sleep.

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