KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Wearing masks:

1 No one understands what you are saying because you sound like Mrs. Mumbles.
2 After you eat lunch it seems to go straight to your ears because the straps around your ears suddenly dig in and hurt.
3 It gives you claustrophobia and slowly cuts off your air supply. When you remove it for a few seconds, you try to hog up as much fresh air as possible.
4 Every time you sneeze 🤧 it feels like you have messy diaper face.
5 You are as good as blind with glasses and a mask. With every breath your glasses fog up. You have to carefully walk when the fog disappears.
6 Sometimes the mask is loose. It’s like pulling up pants on your face.
7 Banks won’t know when they are being robbed because everyone is a possible suspect.
8 Your nose twitches like a bunny rabbit under the mask because the fibers feel like hair tickling your nose.
9 If you are a mouth breather, you learn real quick to breathe through your nose because your breath is knocking you out. You never thought you had bad breath but it’s hard to deny when it’s blowing back at you.
10 You have to stop wearing makeup everywhere but your eyes otherwise it is all over the inside of your mask and looks disgusting.

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