KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Things that are hard to do when told:

1 Fasting before surgery or blood work. You may not ever eat breakfast but you are starving when you are told not to eat. Not having coffee is an even harder challenge. You aren’t truly awake until you have some.
2 Drinking a ton of water and not being able to go to the bathroom. You cannot think about anything other than how bad you have to pee. You are like a volcano about to blow. You have to go so bad it hurts.
3 Having to stay awake. All of a sudden you are exhausted and everyone is passed out around you.
4 Waiting for your turn in line. It’s as if time is standing still. Five minutes feels like an hour. You can only think about how much time you are wasting.
5 Standing when there are no seats. Everything hurts and you feel like you need to lie down. You have never felt so uncomfortable.
6 Not talking. When you can’t talk, you suddenly remember everything important you need to say. You are bursting at the seams.
7 When you have dental work done and they tell you to eat on the other side. It’s impossible! It’s not like there is some magic window you can close to keep the food on one side.
8 When you have a cast and can’t get it wet. You get invited to the beach and get sand in there. It rains like a monsoon and taking a shower is a challenge. Part of your body is hanging outside the shower door waiting for you to get done.
9 Waiting for the floor to dry before walking on it. Everything you need is somewhere else. The only way to get to it is by tippy-toeing across.
10 Going into an establishment with a Do Not Touch sign. I cannot do it! My fingers tingle to touch everything in sight just because I am not trusted.
(Bonus – Don’t look 👀 – Too late. Had to do it. Totally peeked.

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