KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog- Women giving and getting directions:

Women giving and getting directions:

1 Women give directions using landmarks. Go up 9 traffic lights and make a right by the Wawa and keep going until you see the International House of Pancakes.
2 Before GPS when someone gave me a series of directions, I did the first thing and then stopped to ask for directions again. Finding someone’s house was like a treasure hunt.
3 What direction am I? I don’t have a compass but the ocean is on my right.
4 I am having a full-blown argument with the woman on my GPS. She is trying to give me directions in the city and when she says turn right, I am already 3 blocks past that street. She is pissing me off.
5 If you grew up in the area and are giving directions you may say turn right at makeout point and left at one eye Joe’s house. The person blankly stares back at you.
6 You don’t know your north and south from your east and west and tell people to get on highways not knowing which direction. Head toward New York.
7 Someone tells me to keep going until I get to the roundabout. Why couldn’t you call it a circle? I never found it because I was looking for an amusement ride at a carnival.
8 We give directions using landmarks that are no longer there. We remember them but unfortunately, you will never find them.
9 We like to take you through the scenic route so that you enjoy your drive.
10 Sometimes we remember more details after you have already left. There is no way to get in touch with you to tell you that the right you were going to make should have been a left.

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