KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Cooking Adventures:

1 If you are in charge of cooking dinner, you should be able to cook what you want, right? Wrong! Everyone critiques it and gives their comments. Why can’t everyone just make their own?
2 Oh boy, it’s smoking. Wave the towel to get rid of the smoke. Oh no! 🔥 There goes the fire alarm. Open all of the windows and doors.
3 You forgot to spray the pan. The eggs are stuck. You may as well just eat out of the pan.
4 Were you supposed to put the pizza on a pan? You put it on the rack and cheese is dripping. The oven is smoking and sizzling.
5 You forgot to lower the heat for the burner. Your pasta roni boiled over. Lava!
6 Oh shoot, you thought the recipe said a tablespoon of salt. It was a teaspoon. You will be drinking water for days.
7 You don’t have baking powder. Oh well just use baking soda. Yikes!!
8 You set the timer for 8 hours instead of 8 minutes.
9 The stuffed shells should be done now. Oh dear, you forgot to put the oven on. But you remembered the timer! Hehehe.
10 You forgot about the oil heating up on the stove. Flames. Fire. OMG OMG (running around the kitchen. Maybe you should step away from the stove. Turn in your spatula. You are done.

#CookingIsntEasy #TopTen #blog #funny

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