KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Why Do We Hate Mondays?:
-We have to return to work and are locked in from 9 to 5
-We are coming off a great weekend and didn’t take the time to rest. We need to take another day to be refreshed.
-Our 48 hours of freedom to do whatever we want is over
-The deadlines we put off on Friday are back again on Monday with a vengeance
-We have to get up when the alarm goes off which puts us in a cranky mood.
-The next weekend is 5 long days away and the time goes buy surprisingly slow while our free time flies by.
-We can’t come and go as we please. Eight hours is a real commitment.
-We go to bed too late on Sunday night to make the weekend last a little longer and regret it in the morning.
-We would rather socialize all day than work. There should be a built-in recess after lunch.
-Monday can never live up to Saturday & Sunday so maybe we should skip it.

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