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Things Dad’s Shouldn’t Do During Labor/Delivery:

1 Do Not fall asleep when she is in pain. You are there to help, not relax.
2 Do Not pick up your phone to take work calls. Better yet, don’t take any calls. This is no time to be distracted.
3 Do Not complain. Nothing you could possibly be going through compares to what she is going through. Keep your cramped leg to yourself. You think you are uncomfortable?
4 Do Not worry about watching sports unless she wants to otherwise you are pressing your luck.
5 Do Not expect to have a long discussion when she is having labor pains. Keep it short and try not to get on her nerves. Now is not the time to talk about finances or anything negative. This is no time for preaching.
6 Do Not chew on the ice the nurse gave to your wife. It is not for you and that crunching will only get you knocked out.
7 When that baby comes out, don’t say anything other than how perfect it is. She doesn’t want to hear it has a cone head, it’s covered in goo, or put it back in. Not funny.
8 Do Not take any pictures of your wife unless she looks good and she approved it.
9 If you are at work when you get the call to meet her at the hospital, you better get there fast! There is no excuse that will work for being late. You knew about it for 9 months.
10 No matter how hungry you are, WAIT. Don’t pull out any type of food when she cannot eat.

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