KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

What it is like to get blood taken:

1 Which arm do you prefer? Just pick an arm. They both feel the same. What does it matter?
2 Poke me one more time with that needle and it will be in the middle of your forehead!
3 Why do you need 10 vials of blood? I’m afraid I don’t have that much in my body. It would be nice to keep a little for myself.
4 Stop apologizing for missing the vein and find it already. Or maybe you need a vein finder GPS.
5 If you find the vein on the first try, I will leave you a tip.
6 You try to act brave by watching the needle go into your arm, but then you see the blood coming out, and the room gets a little fuzzy.
7 You look over at the cotton ball after leaving the lab and it’s soaked with blood. Oh my God, you are slowly dying!
8 The technician puts a bandaid on your arm that has so much glue on it that it rips all of your hair off when you try and remove it.
9 You leave the lab and run to get your morning cup of coffee and eat like you haven’t eaten in days. Don’t ever make me fast again!
10 You can’t believe that they have the nerve to ask for your credit card after sadistically drawing your blood. Really, buddy, taking my blood wasn’t payment enough?

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