KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Don’t Rush to be a Grownup:
1 You can mismatch your outfits when you are a kid and be cute. If you are an adult, people give you strange looks with a raised eyebrow or two.
2 You are encouraged to play as much as possible when you are a kid. When grownups try and play, people tell them to grow up and act their age. No fun!!
3 Everyone buys things for you when you are a kid. As soon as you are old enough to shave, your parents want you to start paying some bills.
4 It’s great to use your imagination when you are a kid. Try it as a grownup and you are accused of daydreaming.
5 You can be silly and carefree as a kid. If a grownup does it, they are accused of drinking or using drugs.
6 When you are a kid you can’t sleep because you are excited about something. As an adult, you can’t sleep because of stress.
7 You don’t have to make your own decisions as a kid. Everyone else makes things happen. You just have to show up. As an adult, you have hundreds of decisions a day to make. Frankly, it is tiring!
8 You can dream to be whatever you want as a kid. Nothing is impossible. As an adult, people are quick to tell you only two percent of the population actually make it and to be more realistic with your goals.
9 As a kid, you are encouraged to take a nap even though you really don’t want one. You would rather play. As an adult, you would love to take a nap but your boss keeps waking you up with an angry look on his face and hands on his hips. Make up your mind!
10 You are always put at the kid’s table when you are young. You wait for years to go to the grown-up table. You finally get there as an adult and all they talk about are medical issues and medicines. You take your plate and go back to the kid’s table.

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